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This is Cake, a creative agency. We are a team of storytellers, creatives and technology buffs dedicated to the art and craft of helping brands tell their tale.

We partner with clients to shape their unique strategy and connect with their customers using a team of kick-ass creatives and the latest in all things tech. Let’s slap the infinite scroll out of the hands of your audience. Let’s make something new, something beautiful, something worth watching. Let’s blow some minds and have fun doing it.

*Cue confetti.*


Concepting and Development

From initial ideas to actionable plans, we help draft what your creative desires are and find a way to make it happen.


Strategy and Project Management

Our team of expert producers meticulously scaffold a system of communication that keeps you ‘in the know’ and at ease throughout the entire creation process.


Content Creation

While our bread and butter is animation and live-action video. We also specialize in event coverage and live broadcasting. If you need something without a timestamp, we have a team of graphic designers, app developers and copywriters at the ready to bake up whatever you’re in the mood for.


Post & Finish

Every project we filter through our team is special. We believe in having a playful spirit, but when it comes to details, our comb couldn’t be finer. Our expert team of editors, colorists, and designers seek to provide portfolio worthy materials, regardless of project size or budget.

what we do