To our trusted friends, respected colleagues, and creative co-conspirators,

It’s been a wild and amazing ride these last 8 years as Anvil & Iris. We’ve filmed on active aircraft carriers without falling overboard and inside mini coopers, while they race across America, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, and delved into the fringe of animated outer space. As some of you know, our backbone as Anvil & Iris was methodical storytelling through addicting video. While the story will always remain at the center of everything we do, the landscape of media has evolved, and we’re evolving with it.

We’re creating something new- something layered and complex, yet simple and sweet. We are creating party-worthy content with a new and insanely talented team sprinkled in from across the globe. Here to party with us is our team of fearless filmmakers, teach-bending animators, tireless coders, and analog creators. The new world is a transmedia one where stories have begun to transcend their medium, and audiences are becoming part of the authorship. Lines are getting blurred; ingredients are getting mixed, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Screw the old saying. You can have your Cake and eat it too.